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Fiber optic products manufacturing since 1995.

fiber optic factory

Thank you for visiting with us, we are professional China fiber optic factory.

Huihongfiber presents an extensive selection of tools and accessories tailored for fiber-optic installation, repair, and maintenance tasks. Our offerings range from epoxies and polishing papers to crimp tools and breakout kits, ensuring a seamless deployment experience for both single-mode and multimode cables.

Maintaining operational fiber optic networks up to industry standards necessitates the right equipment. Huihongfiber provides the essential fiber optic tools required to uphold network functionality.

Select from a diverse assortment of fiber optic accessories and tools for your upcoming installation project, including cable fiber access tools, comprehensive tool kits, polishing film, cleaning accessories, and replacement components for fiber tool kits.

Our kits encompass all essential tools, cleaning supplies, and equipment indispensable for splicing common types of loose tube and tight buffered fiber optic cables, enabling swift and efficient field operations. Whether splicing damaged fiber cables, installing pre-terminated pigtails, or executing mid-span access drop cable installations, these comprehensive kits offer all-inclusive solutions for your requirements.