Fiber Optic Services

MPO/MTP Cables for data centers

MPO/MTP connectors and fiber optic cables can undergo processing to create a range of MPO jumpers. These jumpers find extensive application in densely integrated fiber optic networks, notably in environments utilizing 40G, 100G transceiver modules, or for internal and external equipment interconnections.

LC Fiber optic cables

The LC fiber optic connector represents a novel connector type tailored to fulfill customer demands for miniaturization and high-density connections. It significantly reduces space requirements for panels, wall mounts, and distribution boxes within networks, occupying only half the space compared to traditional ST and SC connectors. Through the utilization of advanced technology, the company ensures superior performance and user-friendly operation of the connector.


We make single-mode G657 bend-insensitive fiber cables, our FTTH cables are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, available in configurations of 1 core, 2 cores, 4 cores, and customizable designs. We also provide ADSS cables and equipment, FTTH connectors, boxes, and closures, along with patch cords, pigtails, and adapters. Explore further for more details.


Explore our range of CPRI cables, NSN cables, as well as ODVA LC, ODVA MPO, and ODVA SC connectors. Additionally, we offer AARC cables, IPFX cables, and IP LC cables. Our product lineup includes fiber-to-the-antenna (FTTA) boxes, enclosures, connectors, adapters, and FTTA cable assemblies, along with customizable FTTA cable designs to suit your specific needs.